Plot Of 2006 Movie The Garage

The Garage
Staring James Russo, Tanja Raymonde and Jason Padgett. With a budget of around 1,000,000 this independent film was generally regarded highly by film critics and movie goers alike, winning the Slate Award for Best Director and Best Picture by voters at the California Independent Film Festival.

The film is set in the latter part of the 1970′s. A young man who has lived in the same small town all his life has ambitions of making a name for himself out in the wider world. He must struggle with strong connections to his family and a newly growing relationship with his girlfriend. The family and the girlfriend want him to stay, but pressure from his best friend and internal desires are pulling him away. The Garage captures the essence of small town life with stunning cinematography. The classic theme of a young person making choices that will affect the rest of his life resonates strongly with all viewers.

The director, Carl Thibault, describes the movie as an autobiography of sorts based on his experiences of growing up in small town America. Thibault grew up helping his father work on vehicles in the family auto shop, usually working on transmissions. The main character of the movie also works in a garage with his father. The character in the movie, just like Thibault, must decide between staying to help his father’s struggling auto repair business or leaving to pursue grander ambitions. A new romantic interest further complicates matter.

The Garage represents a second coming for Thibault, whose first attempt at movie making left him in financial ruin. Being well received by critics, this movie may provide a stable jumping off point for future movie endeavors. Thibault is currently working on another movie which should be released some time in the near future.