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Film festival audiences from around the world fell in love with The Garage, for the way that it lovingly tackled the thorny questions of adolescence and adulthood. While the movie was liked by critics, it had trouble getting attention from them while traveling with film festivals, and was still nearly unknown when its run finally ended. So many people missed this amazing flick, but now, they can finally enjoy it in the comfort of their own home.

The Garage has been released on DVD, and is also now available on many offline and online outlets including Netflix and Amazon. Experience the story that captivated audience goers when it first introduced them to the films unforgettable characters.

It’s a calm coming-of-age story of a grown man looking back on the places he lived and learned when he was in his youth, particularly the garage his father owned. He and his best friend, who spent a lot of time together at the garage, struggled to find their place in the world, and to come with terms with the lack of opportunity around them in their small town.

The main character, Matt, is blessed with an intellect and drive that could easily help him escape his town, but his choices are complicated by the fact that without him, his father would not be able to run the family business. His friend has altogether different family problems: A father who wants to control every part of his life, and is more than willing to get his way through violence.

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