Just what a few Film Festivals have already said about "The Garage"
Official Selection to 87 Film Festivals - Winner of 33 Awards

Anchorage International Film Festival
...you did an excellent job in making a personal story connect with your audiences.
...not one person on the screening committee disliked it. Which is rare!
Excellent work!... It's hard to attract films of your caliber.

Rome International Film Festival
You and your cohorts are very, very fine filmmakers indeed.
I can't tell you what a fan I am of your film.
I have been touting your great film in speeches to various entities over the last two weeks...

Idaho Panhandle International Film Festival
Your film was incredibly well received.
...probably the best produced film of the entire fest.

Austin Film Festival
...a coming of age story set in the late 70's. The Garage offers much more than the average coming-of-age story, adding a poignant sense of reality to life in a small town and the bonds that form there

San Joaquin Film Festival
What a beautiful and moving film!
Playhouse West Film Festival
...outstanding writing and directing debut...

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