Film Synopsis

A man reflects on his childhood and works at his dad's garage during the late 70's. Matt and Schultz are two best friends planning to leave the small town they grew up in in. Matt works at his dad's garage; smart, sensitive, just graduated high school. Schultz works for his dad in construction; strong-headed, high school drop out. For Matt it's getting out of the garage and pursuing his passion. For Schultz, it's simply survival; to get away from his abusive father. Even though Matt has a strong loyalty to his dad, despite his father's drinking problem, he also knows the impact leaving the garage will have. Then a devistating incident occurs and Matt will have to find his true direction in life. "The Garage" is a powerful, poignant, and vivid coming-of-age story.

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Running Time: 93:40 Mins.
Format: Super 35mm
4x3 Letter Box 2:35:1 Matte
Urban Wolf Productions, LLC.
P.O. Box 1117
Burbank, CA 95107-1117

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