Hidden Symbolism In The Movie The Garage

The 2006 film “The Garage,” is a coming of age film about a young mechanic working in his father’s small town garage and his dreams of escaping what he considers his nowhere existance. The film, set in 1970, has a lot of personal symbolism for director/writer Carl Thibault. For example, the family photos that adorn the walls in the opening scenes are personal family pictures with...

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Quiet Power Of The Garage Movie Plot

The 2006 movie “The Garage” was about a mechanic in the 1970′s that worked for his father. The mechanic’s name is Matt and he had hopes and dreams of finally leaving his father’s garage and becoming more than what he already was. He then met a girl in town and after several family events, he now feels stuck in the small town. Though his best friend advised him to leave...

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The Garage A Coming Of Age Story

Need a break from all the Holiday blockbusters, fast cars, and superheroes. Head on over to The Garage. The 2006 Independent Film written and directed by Carl Thibault uses the classic metaphor of a garage to tell this highly relatable coming of age story. The Garage is set in the late 1970s and focuses on Matt who works in his father’s garage in his small hometown. Like many young men he dreams...

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